Sleep Science Podcast

Episode 10: Christmas Q&A session

December 22, 2020 Penny Lewis Season 1 Episode 10
Sleep Science Podcast
Episode 10: Christmas Q&A session
Show Notes

Today's episode is a little bit different. We're marking the end of our first season by roping in the rest of the NaPS lab to answer listeners' sleep-related questions. Thanks to everyone who sent questions in!

List of questions:

Why do we use the term ‘sleeping like a baby’ when babies don’t, in fact, sleep?
- From Jaime Jenkins

How do hormones affect sleep?
- From Beth Lee

Why do some people talk in their sleep?
– From Christopher Reynolds

Can meditation before bed help you have deeper sleep?
- From Lauren Finaldi

Why do we need to cycle through different sleep states multiple times per night i.e why isn’t it half the night slow wave sleep and half the night of REM sleep?
– from Laura Bojarskaite

How come we remember dreams some nights and other nights nothing at all?
- From Suzie Saad

Is an eye mask effective for better sleep?
- From Lauren Finaldi

What exactly is happening during sleep paralysis and why does this happen sometimes?
- From Brittany McCabe

Do animals dream?
- From Veronica Campe

Are all of your senses still activated in sleep?
- From Naasiha Kolia

Can you fall asleep faster when you listen to white noise before bed?
- From John Nicol